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We have a longing to live in harmony with nature. Observing birds and other animals very nearly satisfies this basic need. After all, mankind has always made use of the knowledge and experience gained from observing nature and passed it down from one generation to the next. This is also true at SWAROVSKI OPTIK and the SLC family is the best example of this. Since 1989 wildlife observers have been relying on these sturdy binoculars, which offer outstanding optical quality and are constantly being improved.

In our hectic everyday lives, it is appealing to have the chance to finally find time all to ourselves while observing nature. This is especially true when out early in the morning or in the evening. At these times, you can watch the new day dawn or slowly draw to a close and you can enjoy the entire beauty of your surroundings.

For many wildlife observers, part of this tradition includes having a pair of SLC binoculars with them.

And with good reason, because they can rely on the proven, strong SWAROVSKI OPTIK qualities that their SLC binoculars combine: they are rugged for everyday use and can be used in even the most adverse weather conditions. Just take their outstanding optical performance that, in the case of the SLC 56 for instance, really delivers particularly at twilight and in difficult light conditions. They simply know that they’ve made the right decision in opting for a pair of SLC binoculars.

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